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Hot Rod Power Tour 2008
Wednesday, June 11
Lincoln, NE to Iowa State Center, Ames, IA

“The Shirt Off My Back — For A Good Cause”

Over the years, all Power Tour dudes and dudettes have learned to go with the flow — traffic, weather, hotel room snafus — whatever came our way.

Today, we learned the flow to go with was the Des Moines River.

Power Tour drivers meeting

Driver’s meetings are old hat for all now — show up,

Saddle up


and saddle-up.

Des Moines River flooded the route

Today they added a new one —
fight-up (to the front of the line for a copy of the revised driving directions).

Driving to Ames became a bit more difficult when the Des Moines River overflowed its banks, covering our main route today.

Power Tour
road kill

Barely out of Lincoln, we stopped dead in the road, sort of like this road kill.

Power Tour checking the rides

With nothing to do,
some checked out their rides,

Waiting in line

while others sat impatiently; in front of us

Waiting behind

and behind us —
as far as the eye could see.

Mazda RX8 on Power Tour

Even sitting still, our Mazda RX-8 had a fast look about it.

Saving gas on Power Tour

Shane tried to save a few gallons of gas,

but I doubted he’d be able to push it all the way in this heat. For those who couldn’t wait to “go,” at least there were choices.

Power Tour convenience stop

Just don’t pass-up an opportunity.

Power Tour lighthouse of

We spent the longest time debating how and why this lighthouse was thousands of miles from the nearest coast.

We’re sure there’s a good reason —
we just couldn’t come up with it.

Slow for construction

Out in rural areas, there aren’t many signs to be seen. This one appeared far too often.

Slow for construction

Iowa signs

Iowans love signs, too.
Whether they are State-made,

Hot Rod
home-made signs

or home-made.

Save gas in Iowa

They also like to save gas.

How to ride
a bike

Although some didn’t get the memo on how best to do it.

Time flies

Time flies when you’re actually driving.
No watch?
Have no fear, it’s Beer:30.

Open til Close

I like a place that’s open until they close.

Homers bar and grill

If Beer:30 isn’t your kind of place, try Homer’s. A place to call home.

Open when they're open

They’re just open when they're open.

Changed directions

Somewhere along the way was the reason for the revised directions.

The reason:

Flooded road

Flooded road

Flooded road


We found a shortcut around the flooded road, and took a look back:


Flooded road


Shane was kind enough to point out the obvious. “Water? It’s right here.”

Clean Ford

Floods, detours, and “Slow” signs aside, we eventually found our way to beautiful Ames, and cruised the lot looking for fresh iron: like Don Hardy’s clean Ford wagon,

59 El Camino

and this clean 1959 El Camino,

59 El Camino with dual-quad W-headed 409

complete with a dual-quad W-headed 409.

Two hot

Here are two alike, yet very different.

While up on the stage, Joe asked if I’d help auction-off an item or two, to raise funds for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Knowing how it affects so many, and some close to many of us, I offered the shirt off my back (literally), and a Mothers/Foose Design detail bag.

Power Tour jacket

The official wearables vendor of the show threw in a limited edition Power Tour jacket, and the bidding was on.

Power Tour jacket bidders

In a few minutes time, the bidding reached $600 — the highest auction amount on the Tour this year. Lori and Tim, from Sanford, Florida, were the generous winners.

Thanks again, it’s for a worthy cause.

Note to Karen — we’re trying.

When Shane and I returned to the big rig, something was missing — our ride.

Jim test the RX8

Seems Jim abscounded with it, and was last seen headed towards the Autocross.

Hot Rod TV - Jim in the Mazda RX8

If you've been watching Hot Rod TV presented by Mothers, you'd know how worried we were since Jim is known to drive cars like he stole ’em.

Fastest time - RX8 in NASA series

Jim ended-up in the 10 fastest for the day, and the RX-8 came through without a scratch or a knock, which is more than can be said when he drives his race RX-8 in the NASA series. No doubt he would have done better had they removed all the luggage, computer and camera equipment from the back of the car.

Shane and I arm-wrestled Jim for the keys, and were soon back in control.

With real concern for the weather — storms including winds, rain, hail and the dreaded “T” word (tornado) — we headed for the hotel and a chance for a quick bite before uploading pictures.

Assuming we survive tonight, we’ll head for Rochester tomorrow. The secret inside word is more flooded roads and more detours.

No telling what we’ll find. Stop back and see for yourself.

Your humble and obedient servant,

Forrest Tosie
Mothers® Polishes•Waxes•Cleaners

Hot Rod Power Tour 2008 Official Wax

2008 Cruise Night Schedule

Saturday, June 7
Arkansas State Fairgrounds
Little Rock, AR

Sunday, June 8
Missouri Entertainment and
Event Center
Springfield, MO

Monday, June 9
Heartland Park
Topeka, KS

Tuesday, June 10
Nebraska State Fair Park
Lincoln, NE

Wednesday, June 11
Iowa State Center
Ames, IA

Thursday, June 12
Rochester Community &
Technical College
Rochester, MN

Friday, June 13
The Alliant Energy Center
Madison, WI

Saturday, June 14
The Alliant Energy Center
Madison, WI

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