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Power Tour 2007
Monday, June 2
Jackson, MS to Fair Grounds Race Course, New Orleans, LA

“The Big Easy — Not So Hard”

Ha! This touring stuff isn’t so tough. Thanks to our crackerjack team of Mothers do-gooders, all I have to do is shoot photos and write a simple story every day. They have to do the really hard work (you know, drive, clean the cars and answer questions from inquiring minds). Oh yeah, I forgot — I also have to go up on stage, present the weather forecast and give away a “bucket o’ wax.”

This is the life!

As I write this, by the way (11:16 p.m. local time on Monday night), it’s raining. To all of those who scoffed at my weather prognostications, I simply say “I told you so!”

While waiting for my chauffeur (Ken) this morning, I walked the lot to find a few folks doing some simple maintenance,

while others were a little more involved.

I’d say he really puts his head into his work.

There were also those who carried lunch in a not-quite-ready-to-eat form,

and one brave soul who went beyond internal combustion. . . 

Yep, that’s a helicopter turbine engine, and it’s in a late model S-10 extended cab pick-up. While it sounds rather funny, it runs quite well, particularly after it gets rolling. The custom bodywork up front provides the necessary clearance for the output shaft that runs from the front of the turbine to the transmission.

We left from (surprise) the Wal-Mart lot in Richland, Mississippi at 9:00 a.m., and headed southeast towards Hattiesburg on Highway 49 after getting our driver’s instructions for the day.

You know, it sounded like a speech from Mom: “Drive nice, don’t speed and make sure you’re wearing clean underwear in case you get in an accident.”

While there are other (read: shorter and quicker) ways to get to New Orleans, today’s route offers a view of lower Mississippi life like yesterday’s route did of central and northern Mississippi.

Before we left, I took a quick run (okay, a slow walk) around the lot. Back on May 30, I saw that cool 1960 Plymouth Fury. Today it was a Belvedere. . . 

I guess fins really are coming back. You can almost see the entire Wal-Mart building in that fender.

Highway 49 was certainly full of vehicles today. We had your basic ’57 Pontiac,

and other cool iron, mixed-in with the local log truck population.

When the signs say, “Watch for turning log trucks,” they mean you’d better watch, since those logs can stick into your lane.

We made it.

One thing we noticed about 49 was the presence of traffic lights at odd intervals. Unfortunately, when you mix 1,500 cars and a few red lights, you get traffic jams of immense proportions. Oh well, it’s the South. Lay back and let what happens, happen.

Hattiesburg meant the end of our Highway 49 travels, and the start of interstate cruising to New Orleans.

Hattiesburg also holds a special spot in my heart, since it’s the seat of Forrest County, Mississippi. The county was named after the Confederate General, Nathan Bedford Forrest, who is known as the father of modern guerilla warfare for his tactics in the war between the states. (I knew my name had something to do with being a loser. . . this problem has been going on longer than I had suspected.)

Before jumping on the interstate, we stopped at the Stuckey’s for healthy snacks such as their world-famous Pecan Log Rolls,

a box of Saltwater Taffy,

and a bag of pig skins.

Ken said he wasn’t very hungry. (I think he’s watching his fat intake.) Too bad, that’s more for me!

A mere hundred miles later we were crossing into the Big Easy on a bridge that seemed to go forever, first up into the sky. . . 

and then down into the river. . . 

I hope there’s plenty of gas.

With the New Orleans skyline looming, we knew we were about home free.

After a minor course correction (no exit in our direction necessitated a bunch of driving up and down one way streets) we found ourselves at the fairgrounds for the evening.

After watching the TV crew shoot Cliff’s purple rod,

we were treated to the sight of car-builder extraordinaire, Gary, working his magic on Cliff’s twin Edelbrock carburetors.

The sharp-eyed among you might notice Billet Specialties’ 1960 Sedan Delivery behind them. Too bad it’s not red like our ’59.

Always looking to stop the hunger pains, we discovered the ultimate in automotive grilling.

It may not be a George Foreman, but this big block packs its own mighty punch. And it rolls under its own power — 454 cubic inches worth of power sits under the hood of that El Camino SS. . . 

I found this couple sacked-out near the grill. They evidently discovered that eating too much can make you drowsy.

Not too far from our trailer and exhibit booth was a miniature tri-oval race course configured like Charlotte’s Lowes Motor Speedway. Bar Fly, a manufacturer of gasoline powered bar stools, had set up the course to showcase their wares. After watching a couple of the roadies battle it out,

I decided this close quarters battle was just the opportunity I needed to show our announcer, Doc Riley, that I possess more skills than just being a “bucket o’ wax” give-away-er, Honorary Amateur Meteorologist (HAM), and all around nice guy.

So, I called him out. Tomorrow, Doc and I do the big battle in Lake Charles for the championship of the free world. (Little does Doc know I’ve done the Richard Petty driving school at Charlotte and plan on putting my keen vision, quick reflexes, extensive track knowledge and competitive spirit to work to thrash him severely).

I hope he’s ready to eat my dust!

The hours are ticking away. Tomorrow at this time, I’ll be the champ, and Doc will be, uh, still Doc.

Stay tuned for our trip westward to Lake Charles, and my big date on the tri-oval.

Your humble and obedient servant,

Your humble and obedient servant,

Forrest Tosie
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2003 Cruise Night Schedule

Friday, May 30
Gaylord Opryland Resort
Nashville, Tennessee

Saturday, May 31
Desoto Civic Center
Memphis, Tennessee

Sunday, June 1
The Fairgrounds and Coliseum
Jackson, Mississippi

Monday, June 2
Fair Grounds Race Course
New Orleans, Louisiana

Tuesday, June 3
Lake Charles Civic Center
Lake Charles, Louisiana

Wednesday, June 4
Red River Raceway
Shreveport, Louisiana

Thursday, June 5
and Friday, June 6

The Ball Park in Arlington
Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

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