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Power Tour 2007
Friday, May 30
Gaylord Opryland Resort, Nashville, Tennessee

“Birds of a Feather flock Together”

Some things never change — 9 years of Power Tours, and you can rest assured there will be cool cars, hot cars, hot asphalt, and animals.

Yep, 2003 has it all, and then some.

The sun rises rather early this time of year, so even though the kick-off party doesn’t start for 5 hours, there’s plenty of action on the parking lot of the Opryland Resort. You see, I’m finding myself walking around because I can’t be in my room surfing the Web — contrary to what I was told when I made reservations, there’s no high speed Internet access available at Opryland.

I feel like I’ve been lied to more times than a pretty girl in a bar on a Friday night.

I hate it when that happens.

But there are advantages. . . This early, I can find lots of cool cars whose owners are lucky enough to sleep. Like the owner of this great 1956 Buick Century wagon.

Finally, a car about my age. Of course, it’s in much better shape than I am.

There was new iron, like an SN95 Mustang with suicide doors. . . 

and old iron — an Edsel with a chopped top. . . 

modified iron — a shortened 1955 Chevy. . . 

and iron that wasn’t quite ready for prime time. . . 

That’s the best part of the Power Tour. It’s kinda like Wednesday night at the drag strip — run whatcha brung. If it’s your’s, you Tour.

Animals have always been a part of the Tour, too. In years past, Ken has always managed to find some dog to get up-close-and-personal with. Not to be outdone, I decided this would be an opportunity to show Ken his choice of animals was for the birds.

I’m guessing its name is not Polly.

Ken was rather disappointed by my choice of animal, so he found us a Freedom Poodle in standard size.

Kinda looks like that former NBA star that just re-married, doesn’t it?

For those not into cars or animals, there’s always the food. Road food is nutritious, tasty, and healthy — not to mention fresh. So, it’s no wonder there are long lines for Tourers waiting to eat and get gas.

That line was longer than a Chevy guy’s face at an all-Ford meet. I hope they were able to get some food — by the time we made it to the line, the food was long gone.

The highlight of each day on the Tour is when the sponsoring manufacturers all award their prizes for the day. Despite my best efforts, neither Ken, Jim or Gary felt like being subjected to Doc Riley, the announcer’s, grilling questions. You know, stuff like:

“So, how was the day?”

“See any cool cars?”

“What’s Mothers® giving away today?”

That left just me to match wits with Doc, the sharpest tack from Indianapolis. Fortunately, I had plenty of moral support from Todd and Beth Garthshore from Baer Brakes.

That’s Ken, Todd, Beth and myself, goofing before my trek up onto the stage.

Well, it wasn’t pretty, but I persevered. With throngs of humanity watching, Doc and I drew a winner for a great Bucket O’ Wax and a Mothers® T-shirt. And, yes, those are racing stripes from my sunglasses.

Doc kept hoping the winner wouldn’t show so he could abscond with the loot. Here’s a view of my better side, with the throngs in the background. I wonder if Elvis felt this scared.

Those readers of previous years will undoubtedly remember the sunburned feet I always get due to my favored footwear — sandals (see May 26, 2002). Thanks to a kind reader from central California and his dog, Shadow, I’ve got plenty of Bullfrog SPF 36. Now all I have to do is remember to put it on.

Thanks Bob.

Tomorrow starts the tour part of the Power Tour — we head west from Nashville to Memphis. Home of bar-b-que, Elvis, the blues, and the mighty Mississippi. Saturday night; Memphis, blues and bar-b-que — what could be better?

Join us and see.

Your humble and obedient servant,

Forrest Tosie
Mothers® Polishes•Waxes•Cleaners

2003 Cruise Night Schedule

Friday, May 30
Gaylord Opryland Resort
Nashville, Tennessee

Saturday, May 31
Desoto Civic Center
Memphis, Tennessee

Sunday, June 1
The Fairgrounds and Coliseum
Jackson, Mississippi

Monday, June 2
Fair Grounds Race Course
New Orleans, Louisiana

Tuesday, June 3
Lake Charles Civic Center
Lake Charles, Louisiana

Wednesday, June 4
Red River Raceway
Shreveport, Louisiana

Thursday, June 5
and Friday, June 6

The Ball Park in Arlington
Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

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