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2000 Photo Gallery

Power Tour 2007
Friday, June 9
Talladega, AL to Panama City Beach, FL

“The End of the Road”

This is an appropriate title since it’s also the name of a book by Tom Bodett, the spokesman for Motel 6, the official hotel sponsor of the Power Tour. They even have a tricked-out bus they use on the Tour. I wonder what hotel they stay in?

We were up not so early this morning, due to exhaustion, lack of sleep and the addition of 2 children who just HAD to go swimming at the hotel last night. The Tour left at 9:00 am and we hadn’t even loaded the car by then. Looks like the last travel day will be another uphill battle.

It’s easy to tell when you’re in the South — just look at the breakfast bar. . .

Two flavors — we only stay in the finest establishments! Having grown-up in the South, I feel I’m an expert on this particular subject. My advice? Eat the Cheerios instead.

Finally on the road, we tried real hard to catch the Tour. Some cars benefited from exceptional handling and were able to cover the curvy two lane roads with no effort at all. Others? Well let’s just say the balance was a little off, or their suspension was optimized for straightaway acceleration and not the twisties — like this late ’60s Dodge. . .

The Tour managed to bring most small towns we drove through to a stop, or at least a crawl. One major advantage is being able to catch the sights along the way. When was the last time you saw a load of manure with rake and pitchfork, making it ready to install in your favorite mother-in-law’s closet?

Fine dining exists everywhere, IF you know where to look. This looks like a Harley rider’s favorite place to catch a bite, or maybe acquire the need for a dentist. . .

Healthy diets are all the rage nowadays. Even the local cattle suggested you increase your consumption of fowl. . .

The gas stop at Pike Road was, well, a little much. Imagine one gas station, 2,000 hot rods, and no place to park. The shoulder of the road was lined for miles with lots of cool iron. With all the cars and folks milling about, I couldn’t take my eyes off the road long enough to snap any good pictures. Maybe next year we can find a town with two gas stations.

One of the really fun things about a wired world is the ability to find someone, anytime, anywhere. Take this e-mail I received:

From: Rick P
To: Forrest Tosie
Subject: ’57 Panel Boys from Michigan. . .
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2000 07:13:12 -0400

Thanks for replying, sounds like we’re getting close.
Tilt Front End ,YES !
Backward mailbox for a hood scoop, YES !
Michigan Plates (if they registered it!)
May have some Racing-related lettering on front end!
American Racing — ’70s-style Cragar wheels
Driver — Jeff — Tall ’bout 6 ft. 1, wavy hair
Co-Pilot — Scott — Beard — chain smokes Marlboro
No Bumpers — I heard they have them along in the panel in case they get pulled over, they can say they fell off.
Thanks Forrest, If you see them tell them their kids said “Send Money.”
Thanks Again!

Signed ,
Now I really wish I was there!
PS: They may be headed for the Garlett’s Museum in Florida.

Near as I can tell, the kids miss dear ol’ Dad (or at least his wallet). We spied them tooling down the road, minding their own business. . .

I passed along the request for funds. Dad responded by downshifting and blowing me off in the weeds. I guess he wanted to save his money for the car.

Despite being behind schedule, we stopped for food since the kids were whining non-stop. Beautiful Troy, Alabama is home to a university, which the proofreader for this newspaper must not have attended. . .

Or maybe it’s that new marketing approach — keep the subject name (in this case, the city) in front of the reader.

While traveling through Montgomery, Alabama’s capitol, we found not all folks were wealthy — some were “PoFolks.” . . .

The sights kept getting more interesting the further south we traveled — why bother with roasted peanuts when you can have “Boiled P-Nuts?”. . .

And, just to set the record straight, our new PTC seems to have loosened up and made more power — we managed to leave this Callaway Corvette behind on a long straightaway. . .

Humor lives outside of the Mothers® world by the way. This Chevy driver adorned the tailgate of his ride with the 3 Stooges. . .

I tried to explain “nyuk, nyuk, nyuk” to my kids, but their only response was to roll their eyes and suggest I seek help. Notice the license plate of this dedicated Power Tour rodder.

Finally, Florida and Panama City. The end of the road. Since Panama City is the most popular Spring break town, we figured they knew how to handle large crowds. We were right — they shrunk the size of the cars. . .

so more could be crammed onto the street.

Unfortunately, though, the Power Tour cars are regular size, making for bumper to bumper traffic and high engine temperatures. . .

After finding our hotel, we tooled over to the park for the final stop, and received a hero’s welcome (a cruise through the exhibitor’s area) before parking for the final time. Folks stopped us constantly, thanking us for the internet coverage and letting us know how much they enjoyed the stories.

It’s easy to tell stories when you live ’em first hand.

There were more PT’s here than any stop on the Tour. . .

We, of course, had the coolest of the PT Cruisers thanks to the killer Metalcrafters/TGF body parts and painted bumpers, and the aggressive lower stance from the Eibach springs and Koni adjustable struts.

The ’50s-60s rock n roll group Sha Na Na was set to entertain tonight, thanks to the generosity of Flowmaster and its CEO, Ray Flugger. Here, Ray gives some helpful tips to the band. . .

(“Play REAL LOUD since some of these guys like my one chamber race mufflers!”). Ray’s precocious daughter, Jackie (soon to be a big eight years old) sat guarding the coveted Flowmaster Power Tour hats, making sure they were only dispensed to those with proper credentials. . .

Out in the parking area, Tourers of all shapes and sizes filled the sandy lot (What do you expect? It is right on the gulf!). . .

Serious car guy that I am, it really hurts when I can’t identify a car. Beats me what this is, and they were moving too fast to ask ’em. I finally had to ask my car expert — it’s a 1960 Buick LeSabre. . .

I finally figured this one out, though. It’s a ’66 Chevy II Nova with a ’67 front end on it. Looks like it makes serious horsepower with the blown big block.

Since kids will be kids, Jackie Flugger and my two found a car more their size — a baby Prowler. Its big brother tows it around on a custom trailer. Note the matching miniature trailer. . .

The kids were also attracted to this old Willys Jeepster. Instead of the original flathead four cylinder, it was updated to a Buick V6. I know it made it across the California desert without being stopped by the California Highway Patrol, unlike some PT Cruiser driver I won’t identify for my own benefit. . .

Remember the Ford Ranger which had the unfortunate encounter(s) out West? They were having all the Power Tour folks sign the hood and body along the way. . .

Pamela, Robert and Jackie all decided to get into the act. Let’s hope this attempt at graffiti is their last. . .

After almost 3,000 miles (remember those bad directions?) we finally finished our Y2K version of the Hot Rod Power Tour. The song “What a Long Strange Trip it’s Been” by The Grateful Dead doesn’t even begin to describe our last 9 days. We’ve been there. Done that. Several times. And, lived to tell about it.

Tomorrow the festival officially ends. We’ll have our final thoughts then, and musings from our twisted minds. I don’t know if it was the gas vapors from the missing gas cap, or the thin air from the mountains, but I actually had fun!

Story and photos by,

Forrest Tosie
Mothers® Polishes•Waxes•Cleaners

2000 Cruise Night Schedule

Thursday, June 1
San Bernardino, CA

Friday, June 2
S. Bernardino, CA to Phoenix, AZ

Saturday, June 3
Phoenix, AZ to Albuquerque, NM

Sunday, June 4
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Monday, June 5
Elk City, OK to Tulsa, OK

Tuesday, June 6
Tulsa, OK to Tunica, MS

Wednesday, June 7 (DAY OFF)
Tunica, MS

Thursday, June 8
Tunica, MS to Talladega, AL

Friday, June 9
Talladega, AL to
Panama City Beach, FL

Saturday, June 10
Panama City Beach, FL

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