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2000 Photo Gallery

Power Tour 2007
Wednesday, June 7
Tunica, MS to Memphis, TN (Day Off)

“I’m a Star! Thankyouverymuch!”

Well, it’s the big day — we take Elvis home. After bringing him cross country, we promised to deliver him back to his ancestral home, Graceland.

But, first I have to fix a minor problem with the car (OBD-II warning light caused by loss of the gas cap somewhere back in Arizona). Cars may be smart, but sometimes I’m not.

We managed to find a cap in stock at a local dealer (only 30 miles away) in Memphis — Liberty Chrysler Plymouth. The entire shop goes on break when we arrive, and all the technicians look over our tricked-out PT with a fine-tooth comb. We ask for the cap, and find out they don’t have one — it’s at the Dodge dealership down the street. I casually mention the OBD-II light, and instantly a computer technician appears to clear the trouble code. What great guys they are at Liberty! When I’m ready for another PT, I’ll come down to buy it from them! We’re soon trucking down the street to Shelby Dodge for the proper gas cap. Once again we’re mobbed, but manage to pull away after donating $5.36 for a new cap (tax included).

Then, back to Sam’s Town, where we’ve been promised a photo shoot. Hot Rod wants all the PT Cruisers together at 12:00 noon for a group photo. We arrive at 11:53 to car jockeying and mass confusion. . .

Jeff Koch, Hot Rod Editor cracks the whip and we line up as instructed. . .

Since we are the coolest PT Cruiser in the universe, we are given a primo front row spot. The panel wagon sits next to our coolness. . .

Before we know it, the shot’s “in the can” (as us media experts say) and the group breaks up. After all, we have a date with destiny at Graceland.

On the road to Graceland we found a state-of-the-art tire and wheel shop. I’m going to send all my friends there for hi-tech tires and balancing. The low overhead must keep prices competitive. . .

When we parked, Elvis was overcome with shock and disbelief at how his beloved homestead had changed during his 20-plus years of self-imposed exile. . .

He was eternally happy to see there was finally a place to let his friends and fans bunk — the Heartbreak Hotel. . .

After being properly welcomed by Elvis. . .

we paused for our last group picture, featuring your intrepid roving journalists along with Todd Ryden of MSD Ignition fame, his wonderful wife and mother; and my children, Pamela and Robert, who arrived today. . .

It was great to be the youngest (for once) as we waited in line to see Graceland. I think this other tour was sponsored by Depends. . .

Ken was surprised at the size of Graceland (they always look bigger, and size doesn’t matter, right?). . .

But we dutifully listened to our tour guide’s rules (no stealing the silverware, or Vito will breaka you kneecaps!) as we entered the hallowed grounds of the house where Elvis lived.

Ken wrestled the camera from me and shot over 100 photos of Elvis memorabilia. Here are some of his favorites:

The living room. . .

The pool room. . .

The office of Elvis’ father, Vernon. . .

And a painting of the house where Elvis grew up (Tupelo, Mississippi). . .

The mansion was even full of paintings done by fans from everywhere. . .

Brings a tear to your eye, doesn’t it?

Everywhere we looked there were awards — gold and platinum records, and citations from around the world. . .

At the end was the “Meditation Garden,” with the graves of the King and his family. . .

Many of the fans around us were moved to tears by the solemnity of the area. Having brought Elvis home, though, we thought of it as a celebration of the King and his music. Graceland. More than the end of a journey for Elvis, it was the end of the journey for Ken as well. It was time for him to catch a plane back to civilization.

Ken had fun. Ken learned things. Ken made friends. Ken made enemies. Ken was Ken.

And you know what? For a crazy California guy, he’s not too bad.

Tomorrow we’re back to the grind. We leave at 7:00 am for a back road trip to Talladega, Alabama. Home of a super speedway and ACC Carpets.

Oh what fun it’ll be — back roads, NASCAR country, and Mothers®. What could be better?

Story and photos by,

Forrest Tosie
Mothers® Polishes•Waxes•Cleaners

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S. Bernardino, CA to Phoenix, AZ

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Phoenix, AZ to Albuquerque, NM

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Albuquerque, NM to Elk City, OK

Monday, June 5
Elk City, OK to Tulsa, OK

Tuesday, June 6
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Wednesday, June 7 (DAY OFF)
Tunica, MS

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Tunica, MS to Talladega, AL

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Panama City Beach, FL

Saturday, June 10
Panama City Beach, FL

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