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Power Tour 2007

“Tying-Up Loose Ends”

We made it to Reliable Transport on Sunday morning by some stroke of luck. Even though Gary had no directions, name, or phone number, we both remembered enough of the drive from last year to make it.

Unfortunately, no one from Reliable was there. We improvised a good plan — leave the car, cover it, and take a cab to the airport. Backtracking, we called a cab from the last hotel we passed, and had them meet us at Reliable.

While I packed the cab with clothes bags, Gary prepped the car to leave. Just then, one of the employees from Reliable stumbled out the building. He had been there, asleep, because he thought we were to be there at 9:00 am. Sorry, the planes leave at 9:30.

I stalled the cab driver with conversation so he wouldn’t start the meter while Gary pulled the car inside the building and filled out paperwork. Mission accomplished, we blasted off for the Detroit airport and the chance to relax while someone else did the driving.

Gary jumped out at Northwest, leaving me to pay the cab fare as I arrived at TWA. $32.00, a small price to pay for peace and quiet.

Relaxing in my first class seat, it was like heaven as we reached our cruising altitude.

The end.

Gratuitous Stuff

By the way, here are some miscellaneous thoughts and rhetorical questions that didn’t ft anywhere. I’m not looking for answers, only closure from this trip.

Why did the hotels want to see our driver’s licenses when we checked in? I travel every week, and they never ask to see it when I’m traveling for business. Must be because we were in shorts and t-shirts, and sweaty.

I had a really swell hat purchased on my last trip to Martha’s Vineyard. Just so happens it was the day after President Clinton left, and this was the only souvenir left on the island. “Charge it to Bill,” I said. The White House is still probably trying to figure out who bought a $25.00 hat. It did me well this trip. Too bad it’s now wadded up and stuffed in the bottom of my bag.

Despite all the meticulous planning by Catherine and the staff at the Petersen Automotive Productions Group, the Tour grew to such a size it was about impossible for anything to go right. Nonetheless, Catherine continued to smile, and everything turned out great. She’s such a doll.

Did you ever notice at 4:00 am, how the bloodshot lines in your eyes look remarkably like a map of Los Angeles?

Hey, American Express! My card wasn’t really stolen; I was just driving all over the place. By the way, the balance on my card this month will probably be larger than Imelda Marcos’ shoe allowance for a year.

Jeff Moses and all the guys at Auto Custom Carpets were great! They let us haul all the product we gave away in their trailer, and were always smiling and having fun — even when there was 150 psi of fuel pressure in the rails and they could only go 100 miles on a tank of fuel.

Todd Garthshore of Baer has vision. He had planned to just go to Denver then fly back to Phoenix to get on with the task of running Baer Racing. When he saw how big the Tour was going to be, he knew Dutch couldn’t handle it by himself. So, running the company be damned, Todd stuck around. Three years now, Todd. Way to go.

After I landed back home and rescued my car from parking (you know, I could have a REAL nice dinner for what parking cost), I remembered just how nice air conditioning, cruise control and lumbar support are. But, it’s just not the same.

A nice soak in the tub sounds good right about now.

We finally figured out the secret of the Chicago to Mount Clemens leg. I’m not telling, but we’re gonna do it next year. You’ll see.

I’ll bet my grass is two feet tall now. Hope the lawnmower’s in a good mood.

Things change quickly in this world. When I left, my daughter Pamela could ride her bike, sans training wheels, maybe 40 feet. Now she can ride the entire block, and can even start without a push. You really need to appreciate children; they’ll grow up before you know it.

Finally, I guess I need to take a remedial math class. When we started the discussion of this year’s Tour, Ken said we would “split” the duties. He was gone four days, and the Tour was 11 days long. Something just doesn’t seem right here. We’ll have to talk about it.

If you get the chance, sign up for the East Coast Tour. Boston to Orlando in autumn sounds like lots of fun. New scenery, new friends, new adventures. Who knows, maybe the intrepid Mothers® folks will be there, letting you live it through your computer screen. But, it’s LOTS more fun in person.

Until this fall.

Stories and photos by,

Forrest Tosie
Mothers® Polishes•Waxes•Cleaners

1998 Cruise Night Schedule

Thursday, May 7
Pomona Fairplex, Pomona, CA

Friday, May 8
Fairplex, Mesquite, NV

Saturday, May 9
Intermountain Events Center,
Grand Junction, CO

Sunday, May 10
Bandimere Speedway,
Morrison, CO

Monday, May 11
NW Kansas VoTech School,
Goodland, KS

Turesday, May 12
Station Casino, Kansas City, MO

Wednesday, May 13
St. Louis, MO

Thursday, May 14
State Fairgrounds,
Indianapolis, IN

Friday, May 15
Tinley Park, Chicago, IL

Saturday, May 16
Downtown, Mount Clemens, MI

Sunday, May 17th
Mount Clemens, MI

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