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Power Tour 2007
Wednesday, May 13
Kansas City, MO to St. Louis, MO

“Ah, Back in the ol’ Home State”

It’s great to wake up in the state you live in, after being through so many is such a short time. When we arrived back in the lot for the driver’s meeting, the first thing Gary did was detail the 442 so we were once again the cleanest, shiniest car on the Power Tour.

While Top Hot John filled the crowd in on the day’s plans,

our favorite Petersen person, Catherine Girard-Cobb ran around non-stop in her stylish straw hat, keeping everyone informed of changes in the Tour itinerary. I’m certain Catherine will end up wearing out two or three pairs of shoes this Tour, as I have yet to see her standing still.

At the end of the driver’s meeting, Top Hat laid a surprise on the crowd. Winne Flugger, wife of Flowmaster President Ray Flugger, had secured the talents of the Marshall Tucker Band for tomorrow night’s Indianapolis stop. Sounds just like what we need to recharge our batteries after 6 days on the road — some serious southern rock. Ray, Winnie and their daughter Jacki were instantly the most popular folks in the crowd.

I don’t know how Winnie scrounged up MTB, but we’re all appreciative.

Shaking the KC dust from our tires, we jump back on I-70 eastbound, headed for my hometown, Saint Louis. Along the way, I get the chance to check out neat rides, like my personal favorite of the Tour — a 1967 Chevelle 427 SS convertible.

This bright red puppy has air conditioning, 4 speed, and red line tires. It’s out of Orange County, California, and is running the entire Tour with the rat motor singing, thanks to the 3.73 gears.

Even a jaded Ford guy like me, who admits to lusting for the aforementioned rat powered Chevelle, can be swayed by other nicely done cars, this 70 Olds 442 W-30 included.

Talk about motors singing, what could be worse than those 3.73s in the Chevelle? — Try 3.91s in the W-30! Don’t even TRY to calculate how many RPMs he’ll turn between L.A. and Mount Clemens.

Thanks to our early start, we’re ahead of most the group. Unfortunately, we didn’t leave quite early enough to stay out in front of the Jeff Moses/ACC cars. After some refining of the induction system on their Camaro back in Goodland, their mileage has increased from 10 to over 15 (you really don’t need 150 psi in the fuel rails, now do you, Jeff?).

And, the Camaro now is capable of keeping up with their 351 powered Fox-bodied Mustang.

Joke for the day:

Q. How does a Mustang owner talk to a Camaro owner?


Okay, I’m done. No more cheap jokes at inferior brands.

Somewhere in the middle of Missouri, I manage to actually find a Tourer who, not knowing anything about me, agrees to hand me the keys to a ’69 Olds 442 convertible. He jumps in with Gary in our 442, and I take off in his, 455 cubic inches pulling strongly. I finally manage to get a picture of the 442 from outside the car, as it crosses the halfway point in Missouri — Columbia. Home to the University of Missouri, and Coach Norm Stewart’s Tiger basketball team.

Better luck in the NCAA’s next year, Coach.

Passing Missouri’s only nuclear plant in Callaway County, a local Deputy checks out the Tour,

including a nice Mach 1 of ’69 vintage.

In the rolling Ozark hills, the Tour stretches out, sometimes as far as the eye can see.

Thanks to light weight, and a strong small block, the Holley rod pulls the hills without effort, not even breaking a sweat (even though we are — it’s really getting HOT!).

Before we know it, 250 miles have gone by and we view the Arch — Gateway to the west.

Standing 630 feet tall, with a width of 630 feet at the base, its catenary curve design is self-supporting — the weight of each incurving leg supporting the other side. Stainless steel, too, so you don’t have to worry about rust in the winter months.

On the interstate to the hotel before the stop at Gateway International Raceway, the road crew has elected to repave in the 80° plus degree heat. Luckily, though, they take traffic down to one lane, so no one will drive by fast and cool the asphalt before it’s ready.

45? We should be so lucky. This photo was taken while sitting still on the interstate.

Gary properly checked in to his hotel for the night, we return to Gateway for the cruise. It was originally planned for Laclede’s Landing, the restored riverfront part of Saint Louis sporting bars, restaurants and cobblestone roads. Unfortunately, the Tour has grown to such a point there isn’t room for all the rods, roadsters and cruisers we’ve picked up along the way. Chris Pook (promoter of the Long Beach Grand Prix) and his newly constructed Gateway facility will have to do. Oh, the sacrifices we make.

Erstwhile mascot and all around bud, Jack is thrilled to be back in his element.

Lots of cars,


and family.

With some serious begging, I convinced my wife, Pat, to bring our children, Pamela and Robert, over to the cruise stop. They quickly found Jacki Flugger of Flowmaster. Jacki’s 5-years old, and going the entire way in her mother’s ’67 Camaro. Her kindergarten teacher suggested she keep a journal of the trip for sharing with classmates.

Ever the techno child, she took advantage of my Pamela’s computer to check her e-mail, while my son Robert enjoyed the cars outside the Flowmaster trailer.

When it was time to leave, Jacki begged for my children to stay, so she would have someone to play with. I explained they had to go, but since I usually act like I’m 6 she could come over to the Mothers® 442 and play anytime she wanted.

Ray, Winnie and Jacki waved bye to Pat, Pamela and Robert as we headed out to the car.

Nancy Edelbrock, Vic’s wife, gave the kids Edelbrock hats to keep ’em company on the ride back home before she headed to the airport for dinner in Salt Lake City.

Geez, you’d have thought she could have found reservations in Saint Louis for dinner. Oh well.

Stopping by the Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour van, I couldn’t help but notice the weather forecast for tomorrow’s drive to Indy.

Looks like I’ll leave the long pants at home, and pack more shorts.

The GM Motor Medics answered all sorts of questions and helped diagnose problems.

I’m just a-guessing a common reply to ailments from blue oval folks was, “Get a Chevy.”

Grabbing my clothes bag, Olympus D600L digital camera and Macintosh Powerbook, we head for the Granola-mobile — my name for our Volvo wagon. It may not be very sporty, but it does a great job of hauling kids around.

I’m so lucky, and the rest of the Tour is jealous — I’m going to eat REAL restaurant food tonight, with my family, no less, then sleep in my own bed (or on the couch, depending how bad Pamela and Robert have tortured my wife these past days I’ve been gone).

Tomorrow’s a short drive to Indy, with a stop in Effingham, Illinois for a box lunch with Mike Yeager and his Mid America Corvette operation.

Until tomorrow.

Forrest Tosie
Mothers® Polishes•Waxes•Cleaners

1998 Cruise Night Schedule

Thursday, May 7
Pomona Fairplex, Pomona, CA

Friday, May 8
Fairplex, Mesquite, NV

Saturday, May 9
Intermountain Events Center,
Grand Junction, CO

Sunday, May 10
Bandimere Speedway,
Morrison, CO

Monday, May 11
NW Kansas VoTech School,
Goodland, KS

Turesday, May 12
Station Casino, Kansas City, MO

Wednesday, May 13
St. Louis, MO

Thursday, May 14
State Fairgrounds,
Indianapolis, IN

Friday, May 15
Tinley Park, Chicago, IL

Saturday, May 16
Downtown, Mount Clemens, MI

Sunday, May 17th
Mount Clemens, MI

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